"Our mission is to encourage people to use more colour and expression in 

their everyday life.  Be it home interior or public space or your wearable silk accessory. 

We provide "colour therapy" and create positive emotions through evoking, lively and colourful designs."

- Rita Assor - 

Rita Assor

creative director, designer and operational manager at MIURIO design studio

Viktoria Braginskaja

co-designer, stylist and social media specialist

for silk accessories


My name is Rita and I am the heart and soul behind MIURIO's designs as a creative director, interior surface designer and photographer for all my studio's products.

I have grown up as a bilingual person, going to a Russian school and having my best friends as Estonians. Thus, I enjoy everything, which engages cross-cultural experience and international collaboration.

My passion for photography and interior design emerged after having my second child. That's when I decided to leave my job in banking and pursuit my dream in creative fields.


My inspiration is driven mostly from travelling, art and collaboration with textile artisans. In designs I partially use my photography with digital post-processing techniques achieving rich and elegant patterns.

MIURIO interior surface design studio was established in 2012,  based on a vision to create colourful and expressive interior products.

 I work professionally both with textile & rug companies; interior architects and designers, offering custom-made designs and finished products (e.g. cushions, rugs or wallpaper). 

In 2016 I graduated master studies in textile design of Estonian Academy of Arts and hold diploma in interior design.

 I am member of Estonian Association of Designers.

Let's walk this journey together!

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