This is a Valentine's Day gift set for Her and Him.


NB! You can choose and match one women's silk scarf (90x90cm) or shawl (40x180cm) with one men's pocket square (40x40cm) of your choice from our Miurio silk accessories' collections. 


13 different choices for choosing 1 women's silk accessory: BOUGAINVILLEA UNICORN 90x90cm, FLORAL SALUTE 90x90cm, FLOWER POWER 90x90cm, GEISHA 90x90cm, SECOND SKIN 90x90cm, GOLDEN ROMAN FOUNTAIN 90x90cm, BLACK ROMAN FOUNTAIN 90x90cm, PIRATE WOMAN RED 90x90cm, PIRATE WOMAN PURPLE 90x90cm, MIURIO WONDERLAND 90x90cm, GOLDEN ROMAN FOUNTAIN_SHAWL 40x180cm, OAK LEAVES GOLD_SHAWL 40x180cm or OAK LEAVES PURPLE_SHAWL 40x180cm.


12 different choices for 1 men's pocket square: SAILOR BLUE 40x40cm, SAILOR WHITE 40x40cm, LEOPARD PURPLE 40x40cm, LEOPARD BLACK 40x40cm, FISHY BITE 40x40cm, MUSHROOM TOUCH 40x40cm, OPTICAL SPHERE GREY 40x40cm, OPTICAL SPHERE TURQUOISE 40x40cm, EVIL EYE BLUE 40x40cm, EVIL EYE MUSTARD 40x40cm, SQUARED RED 40x40cm or SQUARED GREEN 40x40cm.



All our silk accessories are:

Digitally printed on silk twill.

Hand-rolled hemming.

Comes packed in a gift box.


  • 90X90CM for silk scarf or 40x180CM for silk shawl

    40x40CM for men's pocket square

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